Presentation of our company



We would like to introduce a family company: BÄREN Energy Ltd. whose aim is to promote the Czech and European market in the trade of heat and electricity.


Our company was founded in 2012 but in that short time we have been able to:


  • To purchase and operate electric distribution network and the Internet in several apartment buildings in Brno.

  • Purchase the gas boiler in Rumburku and gradually revise the biomass.

  • Buy and operate Varnsorf boiler for wood pellets from spol. Ökofen, the largest from this manufacturer in the country.

  • Build a gas boiler in Ústí nad Labem, while dealing with changes in biomass heating.

  • Create a new Internet distribution Varnsorf.

  • To purchase and operate electric distribution systems in residential buildings in Rumburku.

  • We work to create a study of the modern home for the elderly for Sluknov with a capacity of 500 beds, where we will be the company in charge of heating, electrical distribution systems, including CCTV, TV and the Internet.