Bären Energie s.r.o. offer the procurement, dismantling, refurbishment, relocation, erection and commissioning of a 330 MW rated lignite fired power plant presently located in EU. We seek to undertake the project on a turn-key basis including the re-design of any part of the project necessary to ensure a successful relocation of the plant mentioned. The existing power plant as operated in accordance to the latest European Union Emission Standards.


Please note that this budget offer is subject to acceptance of Bären Energie s.r.o.'s purchase offer for the plant by the present owners. 


Overall, the existing power plant is well designed and has only operated for some hours. Provided the plant is being well maintained at the new location, at least 250,000 hours can be estimated to be the RESIDUAL LIFE EXPECTANCY of the plant.


Depending on the quality of lignite you envisage to fire in the boiler, the steam / electrical output will be determined. A preliminary study for boiler performance would have to be undertaken upon receipt of the lignite specification / fuel analysis. In addition, the power plant is equipped with up-to-date Gas Cleaning Facility which will ensure an added bonus in terms of it being environmental-friendly and should go a long way to assist in making a favourable decision for the purchase of this plant.


Termination point at the Client’s Site have to be clarified, although in principle all services and requirements to operate the plant would have to be supplied to the parameter of the boiler- and turbine house.

We believe that we can deliver this Project both timeously and economically. We feel extremely positive regarding the outcomes of this Project and will continue to put in place the entire preliminary items necessary to ensure that once the green light is given we may proceed with all despatch.