AND OPERATION

     OF BOILER OVER 100 kW                  SUITABLE FOR 

       ASSOCIATION HOUSING                   AND OWNERS

                     OR CITY




The purpose of our business is set complete comfort entrepreneurs, cities and households at a reasonable price with a personal and effective approach. Currently purposefully confusing campaign led by the biggest players in the market evokes the general public feel that it is not to be independent of suppliers of strategic commodities, or that it is inefficient and uneconomical. As a single variant offers outdated heating plants, or lobbying advocated small gas boiler and cogeneration units.

However, when people are lured and build a gas boiler in the domain, they will pay less, the opposite is usually true. Companies that are mostly for a quick profit, build a boiler for the institution (mostly of owners) which takes the subject loan in a domain that is easy to own boiler room. Consequently, no one would care about it, and solved the revision operation and then perform billing. Another important item is the cost of borrowed money, ie interest. Now for the interesting price comparison hot in CZK without VAT:


a) The average price of heat from the heating plant at the foot of the object: 500, - CZK / GJ (usual price distortion due to losses in heat transfer)


b) Rate of heat from its own gas boiler room: when the price of m3 of gas for retail customers is about 13, - CZK. The calorific value of the gas is on average 32 kJ, where the highest quality condensing boiler with 95% efficiency you get ((13/32) x1000) / 95 * 100 = 428, - CZK / GJ. With Operator and revisions based on 1GJ 480, - CZK. With the price of money compared to depreciation are immediately in negative territory.


c) Our boiler room with cascades quality automatic boilers with 92% efficiency and bio-fuels with a calorific value of about 17 GJ / ton (wood or pellet plant, Miscanthus, chips, or other energy crops) is able to compete with all the big suppliers and we are able to retail price for a simple fix calorific value gas, without their own investment!


Wholesale heat, we are able to offer individual prices relative to their needs and requirements.


Price offer: We offer residential buildings with more than 25 flat construction of the boiler room in our direction and payment for 1 GJ by price, linked to the average price of gas in the region,


in our case from 450, - CZK / GJ including VAT.


For an idea of boiler room (BJ 100) has a heat consumption of about 2,500 GJ / year with the price of heat for r. 2013: 420, - CZK / GJ, the purchase price does not reflect the boiler room to the end customer! Another advantage is the use of a dual-mode electric and backup power, thanks to which we are able to offer households the price of 1 kWh from 3.9 CZK including lease networks, electricity meters and circuit-breakers which is cheaper than the Big Three (CEZ, EON PEN). In the same way, we are able to offer comfort and cable TV and the Internet.