Due to the gradually evolving situation on the market with strategic commodities such as electricity, gas, coal, heat, etc., Can not be assumed that price developments will be a long-term decline, but on the contrary, is rather optimistic assumption stagnation in some interim. More likely, it is estimated that the strategic raw materials are likely to be more expensive than it would remain at the current price level. It to the final consumers, but mainly business entities will have an adverse impact. Therefore, our company has focused on this market segment in which it wants to gradually promote. Thanks to the experience in the field and representatives of many years of experience from previous years, we focused on three market segments:


a) Providing INTERNET

b) Providing ELECTRICITY

c) Sale of HEATING + HOT WATTER to owners

d) Sale of cable TV and survilance system (for owners)



a) We planning the construction of boilers located either at the customer's premises, or in containers outside buildings. Our boiler plants burning biomass and therefore are not directly dependent on the supply of gas or electricity.


b) The construction of the boiler room often as the boiler electric propose that allow you get the best rate on electricity whereby they can participate in addition to our company as well as end consumers, such as residential home.


c) If you are not in the house finished wiring the internet, our company offers in the context of redoing electrical wiring and new establishment of Internet, TV and CCTV distribution for increased comfort residential users to mutual financial satisfaction.


Our company currently runs activities in the above fields in the cities: Varnsdorf, Rumburk, Ústí nad Labem, Brno and preparing projects in Prague, Kralupy and the Česká Lípa.